Yes, Facebook Groups Have a Search Tool!

Being part of online groups, I have two pet peeves: someone asking the SAME thing that was asked a few days (or moments!) ago and trying to find a topic that was already pushed waaay back. Following the News Feed’s FIFO behavior, Facebook Groups display new posts up and pushes old ones down — way, way down. However, unlike typical News Feeds, Facebook Groups have actual discussions going on. I occasionally tried scrolling down (a lot) to go back on certain topics or info. Finally, it dawned on me that the Facebook guys have probably thought about this too and have already addressed it — if not, jeepers, they’ve been having too much free time!

Aaand thank goodness they haven’t! (Or maybe they have… but still worked on it! Nice!) After doing a quick online search, I’ve found the way to search through Facebook Group posts. The Search icon has been staring at me (and us) right from the start. (Dayum, what a fine ninja.) Well, it would have been a bit better if they made it more obvious, since the groups don’t really have any categorization or threads like a regular online forum. However, it does have a point that people who are too lazy to search for information (i.e. idiots — come on, this is the Age of Information!) are probably also too lazy to search for search tools.

The (not so) big reveal: ladies and gentlemen, the Facebook Groups search tool:

duunn dunn dunn dunnnnnnn~

fb search

In Yo Face!

Yes, this is the desktop version. Just click that little fella right there and out comes a query box.

Unfortunately, seems like the mobile version (as of v. does not have it yet. If you have to look for a topic on your smartphone, you can login to Facebook through the browser. Make sure you select the “Request desktop site” option (for Chrome, term depends per browser) and browse away!

Of course, there’s no one stopping you from just posting up front in the group. It’s faster anyway. (*glare*)


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